Grease is the word for 17,000 new Tveiter Tots

by Joanna S. Kao, @joannaskao | February 1, 2016

Thanks to “Grease: Live,” Aaron Tveit just gained a ton of new Tveiter Tots on Twitter. During the live broadcast of his performance as Danny Zuko in Fox's first live musical, Tveit gained more than 17,000 followers — he now has over 56,000 followers.

Tveit joined Twitter on Aug. 28, 2015 to the delight of thousands of fans. He gained more than 15,000 followers in his first 24 hours on Twitter, and he continued to gain followers as announcements came out about his involvement in Grease: Live.

But even with his new followers, his follower count still pales in comparison to his Grease co-stars.

name followers Twitter join date tweets
Carly Rae Jepsen 11 million March 2009 6,455
Vanessa Hudgens 5.75 million March 2011 2,013
Carlos PenaVega 2.69 million March 2010 7,796
Keke Palmer 1.65 million April 2009 627
Julianne Hough 1.15 million October 2008 7,987
Mario Lopez 1.01 million February 2009 18.9K
Aaron Tveit 57,000 August 2015 191

But since he was the most recent to join the platform, perhaps he just needs more time to catch up. If tonight was an indicator, he is well on his way there.

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